Silverwalk Hound Sanctuary fosters and re-homes beagles and senior dogs. Since Silverwalk Hounds is a sanctuary, any dog never adopted from SWH is welcome to stay for her natural life. Click HERE to learn more about our Organization.
All Silverwalk dogs live in and out of the house with access via a dog door to the yards/field.
All dogs are up to date on shots and needed medical treatment.
They also receive basic obedience training.

Please adopt or foster.
Our Sanctuary Dogs

, one of several Sanctuary Dogs, is one of our youngest Sanctuary dogs.  He was born almost feral in that, to the best we could discern, he and his brother Chip, had no early socialization before being rescued from a flood. Monk came to SW at under a year old. His brother Chip found a feral oriented foster home in MN, but Monk is here for life. We've tried two times to re-home or train him with almost disastrous results. Monk IS here to stay.

We will be adding more Sanctuary Dogs, so keep checking back.
Our Senior Dogs

is a senior, very heartworm positive Beagle with a large, pendulous mammary tumor. She cannot be spayed due to her tumor and perhaps her heartworm status. Lucy is both a senior and a Sanctuary dog, here for life. I was very worried about her last fall, then the extreme cold hit everyone and she THRIVED. She loved it. Now, she is more sedate again with spring. Who knew she has the heart of a Northern breed? Lucy recieves monthly heartworm medicine, I watch her tumor carefully, she lives to eat, has a best friend in Squishy, and, apparently, loves snow and cold.
Beagle 2014 Badge
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Mandy Oh Mandy found the right home when she was lost - a Corgi foster home! OK, the Queen's dogs were not impressed but I sure am! A gentle hound whom, I'm sure, is missing a family, she backs away from Archie the Tyrant (elderly Rat Terrier with attitude), uses the dog door, cries when I'm gone too long, sleeps on her very soft bed (thanks to her rescuer) and is so ready for her own home. I see her with one or two others, laying in front of the fire, leaning against your leg.

What are you waiting for!? Send in an application for Mandy, Oh, Mandy (and) TODAY!

If interested, please complete our Adoption Application.  Thank You.