Silverwalk Hound Sanctuary fosters and re-homes beagles and senior dogs. Since Silverwalk Hounds is a sanctuary, any dog never adopted from SWH is welcome to stay for her natural life. Click HERE to learn more about our Organization.
All Silverwalk dogs live in and out of the house with access via a dog door to the yards/field.
All dogs are up to date on shots and needed medical treatment.
They also receive basic obedience training.

Please adopt or foster.
Our Sanctuary Dogs

, one of several Sanctuary Dogs, is one of our youngest Sanctuary dogs.  He was born almost feral in that, to the best we could discern, he and his brother Chip, had no early socialization before being rescued from a flood. Monk came to SW at under a year old. His brother Chip found a feral oriented foster home in MN, but Monk is here for life. We've tried two times to re-home or train him with almost disastrous results. Monk IS here to stay.

We will be adding more Sanctuary Dogs, so keep checking back.
Our Senior Dogs

Archie the Tyrant
was a very ill stray dog saved by our friends in Kennett, MO. He spent about 3 weeks at the vet with diarrhea; after starting him on NO GRAIN food, he cleared up and headed to Silverwalk Hounds.

Why do I call him the Tyrant? He is a terrier, a small dog, and he watches out for himself amongst the larger dogs here. He absolutely wants his preferred spot on my lap or to my side in the chair/bed.  [Read More ... ]
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"The Force is strong in this one..." ~ Darth Vader

Obie is a charming, lovable, "fluffy" (on a diet) Beagle boy who lived mostly outside but has made the transition to house dog seamlessly.

Besides his perpetually wagging tail, Obie wants/needs to be in touch - with his person(s), a cat, a child. He lays on my feet at the computer. His owners reported he enjoyed standing over his cats so they could knead his belly. Toddlers could play with him and he enjoyed every minute.

Those of you looking for a true family dog, a Beagle who rarely bays but wants to stay in touch (but not velcro), send an application for Obie-Wan and the Force WILL be with you. Be prepared for enchantment!

If interested, please complete our Adoption Application.  Thank You.